“Benefits of Erasmus+ Project”

Benefits of Erasmus+ Project

As the Hungarian Team leader to the “Be Active Be involved” Erasmus + project in the beautiful Skiing City of Wisla, South of Poland couple with participants from Italy, Romania and the Host Country, Poland. It’s a project that centres on how to be more involved in our various local communities, By volunteering in different activities that helps to improve the lives and living conditions of people. In Addition, Organising events that contribute to the development of vibrant and quality young individuals. As part of the Action Plan of the project, Which stipulates spreading awareness about the usefulness and importance of participating in Erasmus + projects in our local communities including friends, I spoke to some young people who are on an internship in a multicultural and multinational company about my experience on the just concluded Erasmus + project.

I enlighten them on the importance of participating in Erasmus + projects as it helps to broaden both academic and cultural knowledge of young people on different cultures around Europe.

One of the key advantages is that you have the privilege to travel to a different European country with participants from other European countries and they get to experience and feel the real culture of the host country as well get to learn about the culture and values of other participants from different countries. As a participant, you get to introduce your culture to other participants thereby clearing any stereotypes you might have harboured about other countries.

Another interesting point about participating in Erasmus + is that it is Free. I mean all expenses will be taken care of, from Transportation to Feeding to Accommodation. All you have to do is make yourself available and ready by applying to numerous opportunities that abound and you are one step away of having an amazing life experience where you meet young energetic individuals who are also intrigued like you about making a lasting impact in their various communities through the training and knowledge acquired while on the project to make the world a better place.

By “Ajayi Michael”.