“Why Be Active?”

In December 2019 we participated in Be Active without Erasmus + Youth Exchange in Wisła, Poland. The topic of the project was about active citizenship, volunteering and Erasmus + opportunities for youth. The participating countries were Hungary, Italy, Romania, and Poland, so we also had a chance to discover other cultures.

So what did we learn during the youth exchange? We shared ideas, views, and opinions about active citizenship, we shared our volunteering experiences and learned about other Erasmus + opportunities. We discussed how we could promote Erasmus + and reach more youngsters to dive into Erasmus projects.

We learned what active citizenship means, and discussed ideas on how to be more active. For example, volunteering in local communities, helping people around us, giving a helping hand in schools, orphanages, elderly people’s homes, libraries, youth centers, shelters, are a good start to do something useful for society. But volunteering can be useful for you too because you can improve yourself, gain new skills, meet new people. Also, you can boost up your resume with volunteering experience, your future employer would appreciate it.

We also learn about Erasmus + volunteering opportunities: European Voluntary Service and European Solidarity Corps. These are funded by Erasmus, and it allows young people to volunteer and travel, and live abroad. An EVS can be a life-changing experience because you can pick up a new language, meet new cultures and people. And the best part of it: it’s funded by Erasmus, all your costs are covered.
If you don’t feel like jumping into a long-term volunteering position abroad, you can try yourself in a youth exchange where you can “taste” what Erasmus is about. Youth exchanges offer a chance to boost your confidence, practice English, travel, learn and discover new cultures. You will definitely make unforgettable memories.     
 So don’t hesitate to apply for the next Erasmus + project!

By “Nelli”.