Long-term individual volunteering

Place: Budapest, Hungary

Time:  Oktober, 2021

Duration: 365 days

Looking for 1 participant

We are looking for:
1 volunteer to join a 12 months volunteering project to support our daily activities in our office. We are looking for a volunteer preferably from Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine or Serbia.

Who can participate?

  • Aged between 18-30
  • Active and open, interested in new contacts, knowledge, impressions, and personal development, eager to learn other languages and cultures
  • Motivated to work with projects, project management, local community
  • Willing to share time, skills and knowledge and opened to learning in an international environment – Interest in podcasting, administration, project management, general offie activities
  • Eager to create activities for local community
  • Have good communication skills with intermediate english language level
  • This volunteer will support our organisation and at the same time will cooperate with the local partners. We expect that the volunteer will support us on the following tasks:
  • To plan, create and realize new ways to engage young people (on a national and local level);
  • We are working on the idea of creating a podcast series, and this volunteer will contribute to the project idea. Since we have the possibility to use a dedicated podcast room and get in contact with other associations who are already implementing their podcasts projects, the volunteer can learn about how to record a podcast and all the backstage work.
  • We have one already running podcast series (https://meout.org/meout-talks/ *), where women entrepreneurs talk about their experiences, tell their stories and motivate young women. We want to continue this project even after the end of our project period so we look for a volunteer who can help us in this process too.
  • To support the project management of our projects (administration, project management, online reporting tools)


The accommodation costs are covered. Volunteers will live in a shared flat equipped with all the necessary utilities for comfortable living.

Each month volunteer’s receive a total of 250€ pocket and food money.

International transport
The transportation from home country to Hungary and back will be covered according to the distance calculator of Erasmus+ program.

Local transport
Each volunteer receives a monthly pass for public transport in Budapest.
In case of travelling outside of Budapest due to work, volunteers’ expenses will be covered by the organisation.

The volunteer will have Cigna Health insurance.

Language support
The volunteer will have access to the Online Language Support to learn Hungarian.

Volunteer’s training cycle
The volunteer will have on-arrival and mid-term training provided by the Hungarian National Agency.

General support

  • Support before, during, after the activities
  • Evaluation meetings
  • Mentor and supervisors’ support
  • Extra certificates if they participate in specific activities (which will report the specific learning outcomes) or recommendation letters if they need one


The selection process is based not mainly on your experiences but your motivation and your personality.
Let us e-meet you in the following way, send us your motivation letter and CV, including some pictures you find relevant to this application here: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/placement/28066_en