”  “Pour faciliter 2020 // Slovakia” “

                                                     “Pour faciliter 2020 // Slovakia”
This training held in Slovakia aims to develop participants’ skills through practical and theoretical activities on facilitation techniques.
Between the 27th December to the 3rd of January, in Drienica, Slovakia, I attended my first Erasmus + training course. What to say … an amazing experience which will stay in my memory!
Me (Silvia), Gábor and András, the “hungarian team”, were very enthusiastic about the topic … and about the amazing location in the middle of the snowy mountains! The training aimed to develop the skills of future facilitators in order to provide reliable, professional work with appropriate quality standards. Through concrete activities we tested new and challenging situations and, after a proper reflection, we developed the competencies needed to facilitate small groups of people, understanding groups dynamics and team roles. We improved our public speaking skills, self confidence and ability to communicate clearly and effectively. As a huge plus we could enjoy and get to know the creative world of the visual thinking and graphic facilitation!

Of course I can’t forget to mention the New Year’s Eve party that thanks to the hard work of everyone was just A mazing !! I am very glad that I had this experience with all the wonderful people I met. A big thank you to every single one and to especially the trainers, Jakub, Petra, Lu and Dotyi.