Title: Increasing Mobility Between V4 States 1.0
Venue: Wroclaw, Poland
Date: 04 – 06 October, 2019
Participating countries: Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia Poland

We’re looking for

  • Secondary school directors, decision makers, headmasters, and head of educational centers in all V4 states, representative of the school (Four/country)
  • Representatives of entrepreneurship foundations or organizations that represents entrepreneurs (One/country)

Deadline to submit your completed application is the 25th of September
I’m your application form! 🙂

General information about the Mobility

The EU finances youth mobility, when secondary school students – studying professions – have the opportunity – if the school apply for Vocational Education funding – to go to another EU member state to practice their professions. We’re one of the coordinator organizations which help schools to apply and find relevant partners who are able to host the students. The issue is that V4 

states are not attractive enough – to host students – for the headmasters, head of educational centers and decision makers. Most of the mobilities (hosting) are being realized in southern and western Europe. EU money is granted for the schools and then they spend it in western or southern Europe. We do not see any development or promotion of V4 states hosting. In fact, few organizations are working on to move more students between V4 states. We have a great working relationship with the partners of this project.  The event serves the school sector of V4 countries to build professional contacts which will be a good basis of a future cooperation.


In Csermely we believe in the importance of personal relations and things will only happen if we introduce the V4 potential to the stakeholders. What specifically we would like to achieve? We will promote V4 mobility and make them aware of the V4 potential. We plan to have 5-10 headmasters – schools – and decision-makers in every country and convince them to send their students to one of the V4 states. Ideally, 3-10 mobilities would be realized in each country. This would move – at least – 300 students in the first year in 2020 but this number can be as high as 800 students if 10 schools would decide to send their students. We believe that by moving hundreds of students other schools will see the opportunity. In terms of hosting, catering and quality in many professions V4 states are on the level of those in the west not to mention southern countries. Our partners will act as promoters of V4 mobility as hosting coordinators and as sending organizations. We by this will have the chance to strengthen the cooperation between our organizations thus our countries.


  • a more connected Visegrad Four school sector, best practices shared not only at the event but after the event online
  • More VET applications submitted by the schools in V4 states
  • More students mobilized between the V4 countries in 2020 
  • Connect V4 schools with V4 companies

Wroclaw, Poland
Q Hotel Plus

Financial matters:
Organisers can provide travel contribution. Accommodation and full board are covered by the organisers.

Deadline to submit your completed application is the 25th of September
I’m your application form! 🙂

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