The idea is to turn youth into the title of a real personal story with the
power to inspire and motivate, into a brand, which presents and sets apart its
a carrier!

Title: Storify Yourself!
Venue: Dobrinishte, Bulgaria
Date: 4 – 12 September 2019 (7 training days, 2 travel days)
We’re looking for 3 participants

Deadline to submit your completed application is the 15th of July
I’m your application form! 🙂
Only selected participants will be informed until the 20th of July, 2019

Project „Storify Yourself! Youth Worker as a Brand“ is developed within the framework of Erasmus +, KD1: Learning Mobility for Individuals/Youth mobility. The project’s duration is 5 months and it includes 9 partner countries – Bulgaria, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Croatia, Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Portugal and Hungary. Coordinator of the project is VIA CIVIC Association, Bulgaria and the starting date is 15th of June 2019.
The project will provide a seven-day training course which will take place from September 4th to September 12th 2019 (of which two extra days for travelling) in Dobrinishte, Bulgaria. The training team will be international, gathering professionals with experience on the subjects, who are familiar with the youth sphere, wield non-formal methods and are constantly approbating new training programs and methods.
The training will include 27 youth workers, leaders, mentors, mediators, facilitators, coaches, active volunteers, who would like to develop themselves as persons and professionals and to find out what is their real motivation, strength and passion that could become their personal brand.

Increase the quality and effectiveness of youth work by improving the skills of youth workers in the implementation of an innovative complex of instruments for personal development in their work with young people with different profiles.

1. Supporting youth workers in finding and creating their own personal brand, which will make them more motivated and successful in youth work.
2. Increasing their knowledge and skills for implementing innovative methods and instruments for personal development (coaching, personal branding) of youths in a specific situation and communicating (storytelling) their problems.
3. Sharing experience and discussing the implementing of methods for personal development, aimed the social inclusion, career development and prevention of marginalization.
4. Encouraging intercultural cooperation and working in a network when searching for solutions for motivating and supporting youths in risk groups.

Practically, the youth worker should have a number of personal and professional qualities in order to be successful. He/she is burdened with the mission of supporting youths in hardship, working with them permanently and preventively, developing their key competencies – civil, entrepreneurial, communicational, etc., on a terrain, where he/she encounters all kinds of situations. This means that he/she must first possess this complex of competences, which keeps enriching itself and demands constant learning and development, in the ever more complicated context of youth work.
Formulating the problem, the idea, that a person has to know him/herself very well, find out who he/she really is and what he/she’s best at, takes shape. We believe that a person can effectively help others only when he/she is motivated and aware of her/himself. This is why a project, offering a process of reflection and innovative instruments through which we can find who we are as people and professionals, what our path and calling are, what the qualities, which make us unique and valuable are, are necessary.
This project will implement a complex of instruments for personal development such as personal branding (known in marketing and used in coaching practice), coaching and storytelling, and an integral approach for their use in youth work in regard to disadvantaged groups. This integral approach could be used to accomplish different goals in life – discovering talent, finding a job, career advancement, starting an independent project etc. The intensive training program combines non-formal training with the modern concept of the “personal brand”, the coaching and storytelling method, in order to offer a unique training experience which can lead to transformation in youths from risk groups.

Financial matters:
Accommodation and lodging covered 100% by the Erasmus +.
Travel expenses covered up to a 275Euro in case of Hungary, the amount is defined by the Distance Calculator

Deadline to submit your completed application is the 15th of July
I’m your application form! 🙂
Only selected participants will be informed until the 20th of July, 2019