Well, I was not even the last minute selected participant for the “Europa-Forum Wachau”,

the deadline was midday on the 12th of June while I applied at around 16:00 hrs, and I am thankful to Ms. Turos Dorottya that she considered my application. When I received a call from MeOut, I was so much excited that I couldn’t even sleep for the whole night also we had to leave at 4 am in the morning

Part of the Team with The Robot

So, we were a total of eight participants from Hungary, the team MeOut picked up the two of us from Moricz Zsigmond on the 13th of June at 4 am and we started our journey all the way from Budapest, Hungary to Gottweig Stift, Austria. We reached to the conference location on time.
Our stay was in Stift Göttweig –Youth Hostel, which was located up on a hill and the carpet of the whole valley was on the ground below. The other green and lush hills were also surrounded which was giving an inner peace by feeling the real nature.
The theme for the first day was “Next Economy” and the Opening, Brunnensaal was done by Martin Eichtinger, member of government Lower Austria, Columban Luser, Abbot of Abbey Göttweig and Gottfried Haber. Followed by a number of outstanding presentations about artificial intelligence, technology, E-health care and digitalization by highly qualified professionals and great speakers from around the world.
In the 1st part of the day, the speakers talked about the technology that how technology changes our society, economy, and life.

Izaz Ali, Hungarian participant gives a pitch about the importance the appreciation of the European Union

In the 1st part of the day, the speakers talked about the E-Health care, that how new technologies can enhance our health care system by comparing different EU countries, Estonia amongst which is the leading one currently. 
In the 2nd part of the day, the speakers talked about the stressed field of new work and future health, while in the next round they talked about the technology and the new opportunities for our work.
After an interesting and long session of continuous presentations, the day was ended at 6PM.
After this session, we were given a task of choosing a topic for Youth Special High flyer pitching night, in which the team MeOut gave me the honor to present the topic of “bridging Europe” on such an outstanding platform.

It was my first time talking in front of such a huge group of intellectual and professional audiences,

no doubt I was nervous but my friend M. Irfan was more nervous than me, ha ha ha, but his support couldn’t be denied.

I am extremely thankful to MeOut team for believing in me, and as I got up on the stage I received a lot of appreciation from the crowd and the jury, off-course we didn’t win but the winner team presenter voted us (that what she told me) so indirectly I think we won. 😀

To be very honest this was the most amazing three minutes of my life in which I’ve learned so many things.

With the organizer of the Euroa Forum Wachau

We came back to hostel very tired at 23 hrs and went to bed directly, the theme for the very next day was “the next society” and it started as usual with welcoming speeches of Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Governor of Lower Austria and Harald Mahrer, President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.
In the second part of the day, there were three different working groups namely “Artificial Intelligence”, Homeland Europe” and “Fighting Fake News”, in which I selected Artificial Intelligence which was very informative and thought-provoking by the comparison of different aspects of Europe with the US and China.

Hungarian Participants with Antonio Tajani, the President of the European Parlament

At the end of the 2nd day, we went to walk around the forest, the beauty of which I cannot explain in words, by walking around the forest below the long, magnificent and luxuriant trees reminded me of my hometown in Pakistan and I felt like in the home. The chirping of birds, sound of air in the trees the scenery, the panoramic view of the valley and last but not the least the sunset from the forest on the hill was marvelous.
In short, the whole conference was full of information and knowledge. Apart from this the exchanging of ideas and culture with the fellow students and professionals was outstanding as usual.

 I made so many friends belonging to different nationalities and cultures, which is the most important aim of arranging such kind of events.

In the very last I would say thanks to the MeOut team and Erasmus+ by giving us the opportunity to participate and then letting me share some of my thoughts in such a high profile event. I am looking forward to participating and grabbing such kind of other opportunities and I’d also be overwhelmed if I could guide someone who needs any information within my capacity. Everyone is more than welcome to contact me anytime.

Izaz Ali