Welcome on board, please fasten your seatbelts and make sure to hold tight because this journey is gonna be fast, crazy and unforgettable. Lufthansa welcomes you to Birmingham! ????????✈

I think I was the last one who left Birmingham on last Monday evening. My heart was full of feelings, my head was full of with memories, my camera loaded with hundred thousand pictures. The last jam toast and muesli in the morning – seriously who won’t miss that?! – and then check out.

“Are you sure you want to leave us?” asked the receptionist. I think I’ve never ever said such a strong and firm ‘no’ in my life before. Hell, not! I just…have to. If there is one thing life taught me well, that is once every good has to come to an end.

I came here without expectations. To be honest, I didn’t know what I’ve signed up for, I’ve never ever taken part in such a project and I’ve never ever been to the UK before. I was up in the sky when I got the e-mail back then that I got selected. Then I was on the floor when it turned out, that there’s a risk I can’t make it. I didn’t know anything about it – though somehow I so wanted it. Intuitions, I say.

Then the feeling when I booked my flight tickets, the excitement when I was actually sitting on the plane, the despair when I got lost. Happiness-sadness, excitement-despair…I couldn’t have had a more extreme scale of emotions.

The second thing life already tried to teach me several times is that first impression can be so misleading. And that no one should make up his mind based upon that. I thought I’ve already learned it well – and yet I failed to know it now. But this time it is written with forever lasting ink, no doubt.

I had experienced the most positive disappointment, and I cannot be more thankful.

During these 8 days, I had the best roommate ever, Elena.

And finally the best ever England group. So this kindness is real, not just legend. All your devotion, help, hard work and enthusiasm made the best week ever. Thank you SO much, Masood, Asad and all the others for organizing and carrying it through. Thank you, Nick and Mike for your help and expertise. ???? Thank you all lovely people for this amazing time spent together. And thank you, Ira, for your creativity, patience, and energy.

Köszönöm Eszter, Márk és Dávid, hogy ilyen szuperek vagytok, hihetetlenül örülök, hogy összehozott minket a sors. Remélem, hogy ez meg is marad így, és haramosan találkozunk!

And the last confession. I made a semester abroad – actually a whole year. (Okay, 3 semesters already). And I have to say, during 12 months we couldn’t make such a great team, such a FAMILY as we did it together in Birmingham IN ONE WEEK. I am so very glad to have met you all, you are not only in my heart but in my dreams as well (I mean seriously I still have dreams with you 😀 ).

During a week I got a new family, amazing friends, a twin, a Turkish name, and sooo many more unforgettable memories and experiences. And I am eternally grateful.

Thank you Praxis Europe, thank you, my friends, thank you Birmingham.

And no, no goodbye, but SEE YOU SOON!


Here is a short video of our time there, together: The video

✈Welcome on board, please fasten your seatbelts. It’s time – Lufthansa takes you back to your normal life. ✈