This Training Course in Russia was related to art, and focused on the fact that ‘new turns and impressions show us different perspective and points of view. They can become an inspiration to discover and develop fresh ideas. They’re a great source of motivation and stimulation of curiosity. So we can move to new challenges and achievements.

Moreover, the more we do, the more new discoveries and challenges we meet.

But let’s share with you, our impressions; We, Anna & Sam, arrived in Rostov after a quick and efficient visit of Moscow. Rostov The Great is a small historical town 3h away from the capital by train. We get to know the group composed of 2 participants from 11 different countries, so in total 24 people plus the organizers… so much cultural differences, so much to learn from each other!

And so the week started, following a schedule of 4 cessions per day based on visual thinking and all the different technics of drawing that you can imagine… we experienced drawing doodle, body postures, caricature, landscape…

Anna was a professional at shading, and Sam get a prize for 100faces drawing.

Every day we had great meeting and amazing time all together. We get to know really well the town and its beautiful spots, especially by the lake in front of the old monastery, where we had amazing fun.

We learn a lot about each other and about ourselves during this week. We clearly feel the impact of this amazing experience… Thank you MeOut and GoVisual, to makes it possible.

Anna & Sam